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We are aware that Brisbane residents are hardworking people. We therefore provide services not only for your home but we have decided to extend our service to your work place. By work place we don’t only mean offices, we provide waste removal to every business there is. This includes; hotels and restaurants, companies, hospitals, boutiques, garages, airports, and all other businesses in Brisbane. If your business is looking for quality waste management options then look no further. We pride ourselves in making sure that your work places are clean.

Services provided for commercial places.

We provide various services in terms of commercial waste removal. Some of these services include;

  • Advice – we have professional employees with experience in waste removal. They are always ready to give you quality advice on how you can handle waste. Such advice may involve strategies and options in waste management.
  • Waste collection – our commercial waste collection services are of various kinds such as collection of trash from your business premises, hauling of waste if its bulk waste and proper waste disposal.
  • Dumpsters – we have various types, sizes and amounts of dumpsters for rental purposes to offer you. You therefore don’t have to struggle by buying dumpsters as we got you covered already.
  • Compaction equipment – we have quality compactors to help you reduce your waste size. Your large amounts of wastes will now seem to be smaller. We offer rental or we can collect the waste and do the compaction process ourselves.

We are also aware of the need of businesses to operate under low management costs while still not harming the environment. Our experience in waste management has enabled us to provide our partners with best waste management services. Particularly in waste disposal we provide;

  • Proper hazardous waste disposal – we provide transportation of hazardous waste such as chemical waste, treatment and disposal of such waste. No matter what state the waste is in we are able to handle it, whether it is electronic waste, clinical or medical waste or liquid waste.
  • Destruction – we provide proper and legal methods of destroying wastes that can neither be disposed nor treated. Such include outdated objects such as equipment or documents such as papers and files.
  • Recycling – needless to say, we have plants that provide recycling services to our partners. If your waste can be recycled then we are the people to provide such a service.
  • Re-using – we also collect reusable material such as old and second hand materials. We have partnered with various buyers and sellers of second hand merchandise to help us with reusing wastes from commercial facilities.

From the information at hand you can be assured to get your waste properly managed. We ensure that your organization functions properly in a clean environment. Contact us to get more information on our services.

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