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Rubbish Removal Brisbane QLD is a company that is engaged in the business off collecting and disposal of wastes in the town of Brisbane. We are a fully equipped company with professional workers that have experience in removal of wastes. We therefore aim at keeping you and the whole of Brisbane’s environment clean.


We started operations in the year **** and have been in operations from then since to now. The finding member(s) of this company were ****. We started due to the realization that Brisbane needed efficient waste management from a company that was willing to go an extra mile in order to make this metropolitan as clean as possible. Our clients can give testimony to the high class service we have been offering them in the past years.


We are a legally licensed company. We are also certified by authorities such WHS and APA in Australia to be able to handle special wastes such as asbestos removal. Our employees are also certified in their various areas of expertise.


We currently serve the people of Brisbane and its surroundings. This includes Logan and Ipswich.


We have many partners who provide us with equipment such as vehicles, appliances, dumpsters and bins. These equipments are our products and also used to provide services to you.

Businesses development

Currently we offer service to Sydney but we have in mind objectives to increase our customer markets to neighboring towns and hopefully the entire country.


We have over **** employees who work for us. Job opportunities for interested applicants are however available to those interested.

Some of the benefits of working for us include; quality payment, social facilities and secure working conditions.


We offer our customers various services related to collection and disposal of wastes, these services include;

  • Recycling of waste materials.
  • Collection and disposal of bulk waste, debris, electronic waste, organic waste and any other form of waste material.
  • Removal of asbestos waste.


Company FAQ

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  • Whom do I talk to incase of emergencies?
  • Do you provide other facilities and services apart from collection of wastes?
  • What is the process of hiring a dumpster?

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